In this virtual visit, a CERN scientist will take you at the very start of CERN’s accelerator complex. You’ll visit Linear Accelerator #2, which was where all protons started their journeys through CERN’s accelerators from 1978 to 2018 (including the protons that helped us discover the Higgs boson!). You’ll also see the Low-Energy Ion Ring, a circular accelerator which is used to give an initial boost to lead ions, during the part of the year when CERN operates with lead ions instead of protons, to study the conditions of the Universe right after the Big Bang.

Join this exclusive online event to find out more. There will be 2 identical virtual visits (at 9am and at 5pm CEST, Central European Summer Time) to allow students from different time zones to connect.

Event Date: Friday 24 May 2024 09:00 → 18:00

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Password: 19818807
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