The Baltic School of High-Energy Physics and Accelerator Technologies (BSHEPAT) is an annual summer school established by the CERN Baltic Group (CBG), taking place in one of the three Baltic states.

The 4th edition of the school, BSHEPAT’24, will be hosted, on behalf of the CBG, by the Institute of Particle Physics and Accelerator Techologies (IPPAT) of Riga Technical University and will take place in Kuldīga, Latvia, on the week of 5th to 9th of August.

This school is targetting doctoral students, in particular, those specialising in experimental high-energy physics. However, students specialising in other related fields such as theoretical particle physics, accelerator physics & technologies, and medical particle physics are also welcome. Similarly, applications by early-career post-doctoral researchers and master’s students will also be considered.

The aim of BSHEPAT is to provide the participants with the opportunity to enjoy lectures on topics in high-energy particle physics theory and experiment, as well as particle accelerator physics, technologies and applications, given by world-class experts in their respective fields.

BSHEPAT’24 will be no exception, with the list of confirmed lecturers including:

  • Prof. John Ellis (King’s College London, United Kingdom & CERN)
  • Prof. Timothy Cohen (EPFL, Switzerland, University of Oregon, USA & CERN)
  • Prof. Klaus Desch (University of Bonn, Germany)
  • Dr Ramon Winterhalder (UCLouvain, Belgium)
  • Dr Maurizio Vretenar (CERN)
  • Prof. Leonid Rivkin (EPFL & PSI Switzerland)
  • Dr Jacqueline Keintzel (CERN)

For registration and further information: