Under the mentorship of Professor İlkay TÜRK ÇAKIR (from Ankara University Accelerator Technologies Institute) and Dr. Nilay BOSTAN (from TENMAK NÜKEN Proton Accelerator Facility); Our team named “Michel-in Motion“; which was founded by our students from Aydın Bil College Science and Technology High School, Aydın Bil College Anatolian High School, Nazilli Science High School, Istanbul Kartal Bahçeşehir College Anatolian High School, Aydın Science High School and Istanbul American Robert High School, as a result of the evaluation of CERN scientists, it was deemed worthy of the award named “Outreach Proposal“. It gave us great pleasure that high schools from our country received awards in this competition where scientific balances and ideas were questioned.Choosing the proposal submitted by our team as one of the top ten social aid proposals among three hundred seventy-nine suggestions and two thousand five hundred students from sixty-three countries provided great motivation for our students. The proposed project was presented under the title “Investigation of Michel Electron Properties from Muon Decay”.

CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire), the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, has been organizing a worldwide competition for high school students for ten years. In this competition, high school students from various countries around the world write the experiments they plan to do in the fields of particle physics, accelerator and detector physics in the form of a scientific report and present them to the CERN committee with a one-minute video where creativity comes to the fore. Projects are reviewed based on criteria such as the proposal’s creativity, ability to apply the scientific method, quality, and impact it will have on the community. The scientists on the jury included members of the research advisory committee from CERN and DESY and representatives of the “Stars Shine for All (SSVI)” project. The finalist experiments are meticulously examined and evaluated in this competition where the eyes of the world are on, with the approval of this distinguished committee.

As a result of the evaluations, achievement certificates and t-shirts were sent to our team (both mentors and students) as awards. Additionally, a telescope was sent to the team as a reward.

From the competition organized by major scientific research centers such as CERN; Our high school students from Turkey, Safiye Kamile EKER, Ahsen Zehra YERLİKAYA, Binnaz KARAMAN, Zeynep Dilara YERLİKAYA, Kuzey KANTARCIOĞLU, Muhammed Hüseyin KAYA and Nehir BÜYÜR, donated the award they received to “Adana Kozan Pekmezci Şehit Bircan İlhanlı Secondary School” to support science, knowledge, love and science. We congratulate them for this idea and wish them continued success.

The telescope that our high school students won as a prize from the competition was delivered to “Adana Kozan Pekmezci Şehit Bircan İlhanlı Secondary School” and put into service for the students.