The mission of Ankara University Accelerator Technologies Institute is to organize national and international training programs in order to create qualified manpower potential in the field of particle accelerators and detector technologies, and to ensure the development and widespread use of this field in our country. In addition, it is to become one of the few institutes working in this field by becoming one of the world-class science and technology institutes with the national or international collaborations it has been involved in and will take part in the future.


The vision of Ankara University Accelerator Technologies Institute is to provide training on particle accelerators and detector technologies at the level of developed countries, to conduct research and to follow advanced and current developments in this field. Organizing various face-to-face and online courses and seminars on accelerator, detector technologies and related subjects, to colloborate with domestic and international application/research centers operating in this fields (The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and similar large-scale accelerator centers), to conduct scientific research in cooperation and to create society’s interest in science and technology with individuals who do not stray away from ethical principles and science by contributing to the development of postgraduate programs in relevant fields.