Ankara University Accelerator Technologies Institute (HTE) is the first institute of our country established and operating in the field of particle accelerator and detector technologies.

The establishment proposal of Ankara University Accelerator Technologies Institute (HTE) was made within the scope of the project titled “Turkish Accelerator Center (THM) Technical Design and Test Laboratories”, which was carried out under the coordination of Ankara University, with the support of the State Planning Organization and in cooperation with universities, starting from 2006, and the justification for the establishment was prepared. It was forwarded to the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) with the decision taken at the meeting of Ankara University Senate dated 15.04.2008. This proposal was accepted at the YÖK General Assembly on 12.08.2010 and forwarded to the Ministry of National Education to be presented to the Council of Ministers. Accelerator Technologies Institute was established with the approval of the written proposal of the Ministry of National Education dated 19.01.2010 in the Council of Ministers held on 01.02.2010 and the establishment decision was published in the Official Gazette dated 26.02.2010 and numbered 27505 with the serial number 2010/103.

Within the scope of the mentioned project, Accelerator Technologies Institute (HTE) continues its work in its building, which was built together with the TARLA Accelerator Facility at Ankara University 50th Year Campus and put into service on 09.05.2011.

Between 2011 and 2021, he undertook the installation duties of the “Electron Accelerator and Laser Facility – TARLA”, supported by the Ministry of Development (subsequently the Presidency of Strategy and Budget). It started its educational activities within the framework of the “Accelerator and Detector Technologies Thesis Master’s Degree (Turkish)” program in the 2021-2022 fall semester.

In the fall semester of 2022-2023, the “Accelerator and Detector Technologies Thesis Master’s Degree (English)” program and the “Accelerator and Detector Technologies Institute PhD” program were opened and training continues within the framework of these three programs.

Additionally, various courses are organized under the title of “IIT Courses” on the subjects of accelerator, detector and particle physics. The chain of “HTE Seminars” related to relevant topics continues. Joint studies are carried out with research centers, especially CERN, TARLA facility and some universities in Turkey. It currently consists of six academic staff and five administrative staff.