Candidates who are eligible to enroll in our graduate programs are required to upload the following approved documents to the system for final registration, using the online document upload button that will be active on the application screen, between 30 January – 02 February 2024. (

For final registration, candidates must upload the following documents to the system and submit them to our Institute in person or with a notarized power of attorney between 30 January – 02 February 2024.

**There are no deficiencies, errors, etc. in the documents of our candidates who have gained the right to final registration. If there are any problems, they will be contacted and they will be corrected.

***If there is a discrepancy between the documents and information entered into the system by candidates who are eligible to register for graduate programs and the documents they will upload to the system for final registration, or if there are missing documents or incorrect declarations, their registration procedures will be CANCELED.

Documents Required for Registration

1) Candidate Registration Form (The application document (pdf) received after the online registration process will be signed and uploaded by you.) (Candidates who have not received the application printout on time, click on the Institute Application in the Past Applications section at and report it with the Application Form Printout with Security Keys button. Candidates who want to obtain the Security Key again can use the Send Security Key button.)
2) 1 Biometric photograph taken within the last six months (4.5 x 6 cm)
3) A copy of the Diploma or Graduation Certificate certified by a notary or the university where it was issued (Documents with e-government barcodes are valid.) (For those applying from abroad, a notarized translated copy of the graduation certificate/diploma)
4) Notarized or university-approved copy of the Graduate Transcript (Documents with e-government barcodes are valid.) (Notarized translated copies of those received from foreign countries)
5) ALES (Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Entrance Examination) Result Certificate (Documents obtained from the internationally recognized Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) exams may be considered valid instead of the ALES document.)
6) YDS or Equivalent Foreign Language Exam Result Certificate (Candidates must submit their language score documents in the “List of Graduate Programs to Apply for the 2023-2024 Academic Year Spring Semester”.) (In accepting students to the PhD program, the candidates will apply from a foreign language other than their mother tongue.) They must obtain the required foreign language score.)
7) Equivalence Certificate (Candidates of Turkish Republic who will apply for a master’s degree or doctorate degree after their education at a higher education institution abroad must submit their equivalence documents during the application.)
8) T.R. Sample of Identity Card or Identity Card with Identity Number
9) Military Status Certificate (For male candidates) (Documents with e-government barcodes are valid.)
10) Passport sample (Foreign national candidates)
11) Except for those who have completed their undergraduate and/or graduate programs at a higher education institution in Turkey, foreign national quota applicants who apply to programs whose language of instruction is Turkish are required to submit a C1 level Turkish proficiency certificate obtained from Ankara University Turkish and Foreign Language Application and Research Center (TÖMER). .

You can send your questions and problems you encounter while uploading documents to e-mail address and 0(312) 485 37 45485 13 77 phone numbers.